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  • Jennifer Harper

Top 10 Reasons to Elope in Gruene Texas

Trying to decide if eloping is the right option for you? Check out our Top 10 reasons why eloping is so popular.

#1 Eloping is romantic. Think weekend getaway in Gruene TX. Gruene is within driving distance from all major cities in Texas. There's so much to do from river tubing, wine tasting and live may just need more than a weekend!

#2 Save a year of planning. Our elopement and intimate wedding packages are designed with the "busy couple" in mind. We've carefully selected the components of our all-inclusive packages so you just show up and enjoy.

#3 No stress guest list. It's downright uncomfortable sifting through a guest list...who makes the cut? Do you really have to invite your annoying coworker or third cousin? Elopements and intimate weddings skip this tedious step and allow you to not invite anyone or just your closest peeps.

#4 It doesn't break the bank. The average cost for a traditional wedding in the US is $34,000. Couples these days are opting to spend that hard earned money investing in their future. Maybe it's a downpayment on a home, launching a business, or a trip of a lifetime on a romantic honeymoon.

#5 Wear whatever you want. No need for traditions here. Anything goes :)

#6 It's your day. Other people's opinions don't really fit into the elopement scenario. Do you want to get married on a mountaintop, a vineyard or a beach? Do you envision a casual or fancy ceremony? Chocolate cake instead of vanilla?

#7 Treat yourself. Since elopements are so simple why not treat yourself with all that left over time you'll have. We're thinking couples day spa, fancy dinner, wine tour, honky tonkin' or all of it!

#8 No time off work. Planning big weddings can be a real distraction from work. If you're like most of us, then that equals stress and we don't like stress.

#9 It's easy. We make the booking process super easy. Everything is electronic from payments to contracts. AND we return calls and emails promptly (don't you hate when people don't get back to you!)

#10 Been there done that. Elopements and small weddings are popular with young urban couples, busy career couples, and second marriages. Couples (including myself and my husband) who already planned a huge wedding the first time around, don't have much interest in doing it again.

Photo by Madeline Frost Photography


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